Open schedule from September to December 2023


The price per full session is €500-600 (usually 7-8 hours of tattooing, depending on the level of detail and difficulty of the area of the body to be tattooed).

For a smaller or medium job (between 5-12cm) the price of half a session is €250-350 (4h of tattoo or less).


*Estimate for a person of 1.70m and 70kg.

  • 4-6 complete sessions for the entire arm.
  • 7-8 complete sessions for the whole leg.
  • 5-6 complete sessions for the entire back.
  • 2-3 complete sessions for the entire chest.
  • 3-4 complete sessions for ribs (from hip to armpit).

*This information is indicative, depending on many factors, such as the person’s measurements, skin reaction, level of design detail and pain tolerance of each one.

How to book an appointment

Requests to book an appointment will only be processed if they meet the following criteria:


Full name, age, weight, city of residence, telephone number and DNI or NIE. Possible allergies or skin problems.


Photos of the area of the body to be tattooed. The photo must be taken horizontally and in good light (in order to prepare the design properly).


Main idea for the design, a short text explaining the story behind the tattoo and photos of references that can help (images of other tattoos, drawings or designs). The idea is to create a unique, original and personalized idea for the client. Works of other artists or tattoo artists will never be directly copied.


  •  No companions or guests will be allowed.
  • They will be asked to remain in the waiting area.
  • It is recommended not to ingest alcohol or substances the days before the session, and to bring food and drink, as well as comfortable clothes and headphones, tablet, or some type of entertainment.
  • It is recommended to come rested to prevent low blood sugar levels.
  • Please be punctual.
  • In case of arriving 30 minutes or later to the session, the appointment will be canceled without any type of refund, and the option to be tattooed again in the future will be lost.


  • A deposit will be requested in advance to book an appointment, which will not be returned in any case, and will be deducted from the final price on the day of the tattoo (from the last session, in the case of a multi-session project).
  • The price of the deposit is €100 for the full session, and €50 for a half session.
    A receipt and/or invoice of the payment made will be delivered to the same email from which the appointment is booked.