Tattoos in Irun: 90 Tattoo Studio

Discover Your Style at 90 Tattoo Studio

Looking for inspiration for tattoos in Irun? At 90 Tattoo Studio, we understand that each tattoo tells a unique story. Our studio is ready to provide you with an authentic and personalized experience with the highest quality of service, technique, and products used.

New Tattoo Studio in Irun

90 Tattoo Studio is a new studio located in Irun, specifically at Teodoro Murua 2 Bajo, Irun. From minimalist tattoos to larger and more elaborate designs (our specialty), our team of artists is ready to transform your ideas into lasting works of art.

Explore Our Tattoo Gallery

Take a look at our tattoo gallery to see the quality, results, and style of our studio. While D90 Tattoo is the main artist, we also have regular guests who complement different styles and techniques. This allows you to choose from a wide range of styles: from geometric tattoos to realistic portraits.

At 90 Tattoo Studio, your voice is essential in the creative process. We work closely with you to understand your preferences and transform them into a customized design. Whether you have a clear idea or need guidance, our team is here to listen to you and capture your vision in the tattoo.

When it comes to tattoos in Irun, 90 Tattoo Studio is now your go-to studio. Our focus is on creating tattoos that are not only visually impressive but also tell your story, represent you, or simply reflect your style and personality. Whether it’s something small and minimalist, our goal is to make it defined, elegant, and beautiful.

Remember that in addition to tattoos, we complement our services with tattoo removal through laser or various esthetic laser treatments.

Find everything you need to book your appointment on our website. We look forward to welcoming you to 90 Tattoo Studio!